Eduard Anton

Hi there. I'm a german guy, who designs stuff.
I love minimalism, I make games and I surf the web.


This is my very first public game. After making a desktop version I decided to remake it with Construct 2 in HTML5. This decision was great because everyone could play it instantly in the browser and even on some mobile devices.

How to play

I describe it as "a stressful geometry catching arcade game". It's a skill-based mix of different old school classics. You control a paddle as seen in Breakout or Pong. You wait for different geometric forms to catch, which might be compared to Tetris. And there is a direct analogy to Kaboom, which I didn't know beforehand. Further inspiration was given by Super Hexagon and Geometry Wars. 

I've never explained its full mechanics because in my opinion it is far more interesting to understand the rules by trial and error. And since it's a fast-paced game you can fairly quickly understand what happens when you catch different forms and colors.


I've always wanted some great chiptunes music to give it the right feeling. I tried to make it myself and gave up early. Then I contacted sombreronegro a musician on soundcloud. I knew some of his tracks und I believed that this might be the right choice. And so it was.

Check out his bandcamp site.

Play it now

ccatch can be played on multiple websites. I recommend to play it on Game Jolt or Newgrounds (recommended for smartphones). And you might like it on Facebook.